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Message1. didn't work the first time round ;-(
Posted by: 2003-07-01 03:45:27
   I'm really excited about both wxWindows & Dev-C++, been reading and stuff ... but 'couple of moments ago I finally tried them together:

using the package from
I started a new project and there from GUI chose wxWindows .. and then tried to compile. I've only really been using VC++ up to now ... and I don't even know how to read the errors I got. Took me inside the include of wx.h & stuff ... I searched around but couldn't find any tutorial in installing wxWindows for devC++ (maybe I have to configure something?). I just installed the package ...
      thanks in advance
Message2. Re: didn't work the first time round ;-(
Posted by: guidance 2003-07-01 04:02:16
That package is quite old version and for mingw gcc 2.95 only. Try

There's a tutorial for how to use wxmsw under dev-cpp at wxwindows home page.
Message3. Re: didn't work the first time round ;-( [now it works!]
Posted by: void 2003-07-01 06:49:38
   he he, thanks Guidance!
It works now .. and I've just made my first wxWindows program modification ;-)

me happy & proud. new hopes (coupled with finding how easy it is in Dev-C++ to add a file to the help so the wxWindows docs are easy to reach).
         these new hopes make me dare ask on:

I'm into 3d graphics/game programming. Been working on a 3d graphics engine called Roarrr (DirectX) ... and well, one of the reasons I'd like to use wxWindows and am considering moving back to OpenGl is that I'd like to be able to compile for both windows & linux. However I've never seriously worked under Linux .. so I would appreciate some advice: a cool ide (as cool as Dev-C++ I hope) taht wxWindows can be easily work with. And the question was: is it possible to actually have the same code compile for windows & linux at the same time (providing I'm only using wxWidows & OpenGl, and not platform speciffic code). If not, do you know of some kind of tutorial or something which would take me through achieving this goal. Thanx in advance
                 Void lon iXaarii
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