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Message1. Is Reginald dead?
Posted by: Three Lefts 2008-09-04 11:42:43
Hello, is anyone there?

I downloaded Reginald a few weeks ago and started learning how to use it. It has a number of features that look very encouraging, especially the IDE. I did run into a fedw problems and questions.

I tried for over a week to post questions here. I see now that the site was down for two weeks. I think it was actually a good bit longer than that. In any case, I then tried on comp.lang.rexx. No one answered any of my questions. Jeff used to post on c.l.r, but I haven't seen anything from him over there si quite some time.

So, I am wondering if Reginald is still alive. I would like to use the IDE, but I cannot invest a lot of time in a product that is not supported.

So, please let me know what is going on.
Posted by: Jeff Glatt 2008-09-05 03:19:43
Reginald isn't dead, but my access to newsgroups is. In the USA, many major internet companies recently have dropped usenet, including the company I use to access the internet. So don't bother asking questions in comp.lang.rexx because I no longer read the newsgroup.

Right now, I'm mired in work, so Reginald development has been slow. It tends to go in spurts. There is a really big internal change I've been hacking at in Reginald in an effort to port to Linux. That's taking a long time. Also, I've been taking a lot of time to document the code because the linux folks are going to have to be compiling it on their own, and I'd like to make that somewhat easier for them. (Linux software installation remains a nightmare, mostly because of the file hierarchy, lack of standardization in installation tools, and unfortunately, mostly because many, many Linux developers don't share my preference for intuitive software and therefore make really awful, convoluted installation tools).

It appears that during the board's recent outage, messages were lost. I have no idea what was asked.
Posted by: Three Lefts 2008-09-05 23:18:27 Last edited by: Jeff Glatt 2009-03-04 14:32:16 (Total edited 2 times)
Here is a summary of the problems I have encountered with Reginald so far. I would like to know if you agree that these are problems and if they will be addressed.

1. Help facility

By default, the Help window stays on top. It will not go behind the IDE window. This forces me to close and reopen the help window. If I set Options | Preference | Visual | Floating Windows, it goes behind, but then it goes behind everything and there is now way to bring it forward without closing or minimizing all other windows. The usual task switching tools (Alt-Tab, Ctrl-F6) do not work.

If I do a search in Help, there is no good way to go through the topics. When I select one, the search screen disappears. If I bring it back, it does not remember the where it was and I have to start all over.

The Help window will not let me copy text (Ctrl-C).

There are 1-2 other glitches, which i cannot remember right now.

2. Debugger

Apparently, the help and the debugger utilize the same window, so they have the same problems with staying on to or going to the bottom. I started the RPC to do some tests for this post. When I hot-keyed back here, the Reference/Debugger window was behind this browser window. I had to minimize this window to be able to see it.

3. Console Window

Console input cannot be edited. Not even backspace. This makes Pull essentially unusable.

4. IDE

The IDE has a display problem with labels. In this code snippet,

Label: Procedure

The space after the ":" shows the "4" from the previous line:

Label:4 Procedure

Furthermore, moving the cursor across the label, causes spaces to appear.

5. There is no upper() function. We also need a lower() function.

6. The End statement after a Do Over does not allow an index. This code snippet gets an error:

Do i over a.
   Say a.i
End i

Please let me know if any of these will be addressed and when. The idea of the IDE is outstanding. The implementation so far is not so great.
Posted by: Jeff Glatt 2008-09-06 05:41:16 Last edited by: Jeff Glatt 2009-03-04 14:34:14 (Total edited 2 times)
1) If your window is free-floating, just select the "View -> Debugger/Reference window" menu item to bring it back to the front. Very easy. You can also select "Options -> Toolbar..." to add that button to your toolbar. Furthermore, you can select "Options -> Keyboard shortcuts" to bind any keyboard keys to that menu item, and there's your keyboard shortcut. There are plenty of options here already.

I don't know what you're talking about with the help search. In the newest RPC, the search window should stay open until you explicitly close it, thereby letting you click upon the various search results.

The help window will let you copy text, but it's a little finicky. This is a result of the fact it uses the MS HTML control, which does not give as much flexibility as I'd like. You have to highlight the text in the help window, and then immediately go up to the "Edit -> Copy" menu item. Don't click on any other window. The help window must have the focus. (Not sure whether free-floating affects this. I always dock the help window). If you manage to select Copy while the help window still has the focus, it should copy the text from the help window.

2) See the above comment.

3) That was a bug in RPC. Try the new version. (There still is a bug in that, if you abort a script in the middle of a pull instruction, then the next time you run the script, the backspace key won't work. You have to close the console window, and then reopen it. It's some weirdness with MS' RichEdit control. Sigh. I sometimes hate the MS controls. Often I write my own from scratch to work around their bugs).

4) Not seeing that behavior with the label. It appears fine on my system.

5) The Upper() function is non-standard. Use the UPPER keyword instead.

6) I don't think that there is supposed to be an index after DO OVER. Never tried it with Object REXX.
Message5. I've seen similar display problems
Posted by: Doug Arndt 2008-09-08 22:38:27
>  4. IDE

The IDE has a display problem with labels. In this code snippet,

Label: Procedure

The space after the ":" shows the "4" from the previous line:

Label:4 Procedure


I've seen similar display problem,  it happens when "BOLD"ing is turned on in the COLORS option
In the above example,  turn on Label bolding.

Also try, REXX keyword bolding, then click into one of the "bolded" fields, and the display copies the above character, other aberations also show up.  I had to turn off any bold options to get a clean dispaly.
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