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Message1. Model passage - A response of improper complaint
发贴: guidance 2006-12-21 14:37:34
Hi Stanley,

With all due respect, I am peeved but not impressed that you have sent this to the whole world in an attempt to intimidate and implicate me. 
If you wanted to know, you could have simply written to me or given me a call first.   

I would recommend that you should speak to some of your colleagues (e.g. Jim, Leon and James) before sending such mail because I know the people in Singapore have been talking to the team members every day to provide updates on the ORT failures.  Unless I am mistaken, they are also updated about this status but since you ask:

First batch of 3:
2 XDN issues can be solved by SW
1 passed drive sent for reference

Second batch of 3:
2 drives problem not reproducible in Singapore.
1 drive has a process problem (sub-chassis broken)

I do believe that the ORT testing is not done in the same way beacuse of cost reduction initiatives but the 2 teams are doing their best to find the best solution for both sides and so far I believe that progress is going on well.

ORT aside, another discussion was raised recently as to whether the release 14 SW is acceptable for the factory because of SW upgrading concerns for DVD +R DL.  This has also been resolved with agreement with the Recorder group.

In future, I will appreciate if we can try to:
1.  Refrain from making careless statements, about promises I never made to you e.g.
   Up till now, we still have not received any feedback of these 3 pcs result which was promised to be ready last Friday, later delay to this Monday, now is    Wednesday!!
2. Try to understand the underlying issues better and communicate more with our colleagues.     

I see that the order for the line in Ya Hsin has already been stopped even before this, I understand it is "POS management" who stopped the line. 
So does what I have to say make an impact on whether the line continues or stops or am I just the "fall guy" responsible for what has happened ?  I have not figured this out yet.

Will appreciate if we could be a little more calm in our approach and be less adrenalin driven. 

Best Regards

Jean Lim
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