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Message1. Model passage - Hallowmas
发贴: guidance 2006-12-21 14:38:36
Halloween(万圣节) was called Samhain by the Irish. Samhain took place on October
31 through to November 1. During this period(时期), it was believed that the
boundaries(分界线) between our world and the world of the dead were
weakened(减少), allowing spirits(灵魂) of the recently dead to cross
over(跨过) and possess(拥有) the living.

  To celebrate the festival, the Irish would dress up in bizarre(奇异的)
costumes and parade(游行) through their villages,causing destruction(破坏) and
saying "Trick-or-Treat", in-groups scare(吓唬) off any recently departed(往昔的)
souls who might be prowling(四处寻觅) for bodies to inhabit(居住于). Irish
immigrants brought several customs with them, including one of the symbols(标志)
most commonly associated with Halloween -- the "Jack Lantern". (灯笼)

  According to Irish folklore(传说), there once lived a man named Jack who was
known for being a drunk and a prankster(爱恶作剧的人). One night Jack
tricked(哄骗) the devils(魔鬼) into climbing a tree, and quickly carved(刻) an
image of a cross(十字架) on the trunk(树干), trapping(捉住) the devil. Jack
then made him promise that, in exchange for letting him out of the tree, the Devil
would never tempt(引诱) him to sin again. He reluctantly(勉强地) agreed, but was
able to exact his revenge upon(报仇) Jack's death. Because of his
mischievous(调皮的) ways in life, Jack was barred(被堵塞的) from entering heaven
and because of his earlier trick, he was also barred from hell. So he was
doomed(注定) to wander the earth until the end of time, with only a "Jack
Lanterns" to warm him.
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