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Message1. Error with compiling "Samples"
Posted by: plaksa 2004-03-05 17:21:48
I tried to compile some projects from Sample directory. And always had the same error: 
[Build Error]  [controls_private.res] Error 1

Resources: can't open cursor file `wx/msw/hand.cur': No such file or directory

What happens?
Message2. Re: Error with compiling "Samples"
Posted by: upCASE 2004-03-06 00:12:23
Problem is that the app includes wx.rc, a windosw resource file that should include some icons in the app. But there's a problem with the paths.
One solution is to copy the icons to a folder like PROJECTDIRwxmsw. It should compile then. Another option could be to edit wx.rc and use <icon> instead of "icon". You can also try and set the include path to WXDIRincludewxmsw.
Except for some of the samples I never had problems with that. I don't include that rc file and it doesn't seem to give problems. I guess this could be some left over from older versions. To be cross platform one shouldn't use things like rc files, which are only available on one platform.

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