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Message1. Can't link DLL
Posted by: 2003-10-03 21:55:29
Hey I've been trying to build wxWindows as a DLL, executing make from msys. Everything compiles, but it just won't link the DLL. ld crashes everytime. Sometimes it says something like:
ld out of memory allocation at 15888 bytes.
can't recall exactly, but it was about 15k, the number.
I thought I might be running out of memory, but I have 150mb+ HD (pre-link) and 64 ram on win98, which the instructions say is enough. I have all the latest mingw stuff.

Does anyone know of anything I can do?
Message2. Re: Can't link DLL
Posted by: 2003-10-04 15:06:21
Hi there!
Well, I only compiled it as a DLL one time using the makefile, but it worked fine.
"which the instructions say is enough" What instructions?
Only asking because I only had a problem like this where ld ran out of memory while compiling a 16 MB (really!) source file. There it really was the memory. Maybe try setting your virtual memory to something higher or (if you find some) upgrade to 128 MB...
Still this is strange. Do you have the latest version of MSYS and mingw?
"Sometimes it says something like" -> What does it say the other times?

Message3. Re: Can't link DLL
Posted by: 2003-10-06 00:54:17
To be honest I've given up on the DLL for now. When ld crashed, sometimes it took out my system with it, so I thought there may have been a bug with it. Yeah all my tools are bang up to date.

Now I'm using Michels Devpack ( ) but I'm getting undefined references to (at least some of) the DND functions when I try and compile some of the samples. I also noticed his is the unicode version, but otherwise seems to work fine, is this right, does the unicode version just have more stuff (I'm on 98).

So I'm going back to the other one (which has moved this morning it seems) . I just thought the first time it didn't have the styled text control, but I probably missed it as I was looking for scintilla.

There are a few other things someone could clear up for me.

The resource file wx.rc isn't included in the Dev-cpp's project, but it doesn't seem to matter, is it included in the library?
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