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Message1. Spaces allowed in paths?
Posted by: 2003-10-25 01:45:31
When trying to compile a simple Hello World example from in Dev-C++, I get a whole list of errors. I've followed now, two simple tutorial examples and neither work. I installed the wxWindows DevPack file from Dev-C++ website to ensure everything was installed where it ought to be. Still no luck.

My only question now is, can Dev-C++ and/or wxWindows be installed in a path that contains whitespace? (Currently they are in "C:Program Files" sub-folder.

Message2. Re: Spaces allowed in paths?
Posted by: upCASE 2003-10-25 04:28:50
They can be installed in directories containing spaces, but it's strongly recommended not to do it. Dev-C++ uses MinGW "under the hood" and the tools (like the compiler or make) can have a problem when using spaces. For wxWindows this more or less doesn't count, because wxWindows is a set of libraries and all that matters is that you include the paths to the include/lib dir of wxWindows in the compiler settings.

The devpack from the Dev-C++ website is completely outdated! The latest version of wxWindows it 2.4.2 and the devpack doesn't work with new releases of gcc.
For other devpacks check the menu entry "wxWindows" above in this forum or check

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