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Message1. Changing the name of this forum
Posted by: guidance 2004-04-25 10:33:06
Hi, everybody,
I'm thinking changing the name of this forum, how about "wxWidgets for MSW"? i.e., not only Dev-C++?

I selected devcpp mainly because it has debugger built-in. But, for the time being, I can't withstand the slow compilation time of gcc any more! I tried openwatcom and digital mars, all are much faster than gcc, especially in a slower PC.

For wxWidgets applications, I found it's useless of the debugger for GUI debugging. For instance, I want to see how will the screen look like at certain break point, but it's impossible to do that once it paused, because there's no refresh any more. I'm a VB programmer before. In VB IDE, that behaviour is supported quite well, because the screen refresh is controlled by VB environment itself, not the user routines.

Thus, I lost the main advantage of devcpp. Besides the slow compilation of gcc, I myself decided to move to other faster compiler, for Windows. I didn't worry about the portability to other OS although gcc is available at every platform. I think I shouldn't meet portability problems with the help of wxWidgets. Yes, I do. While I changed to openwatcom, the only extra work I did is to move some declarations inside "for" statement to outside. The whole migration of my all applications is extremely smooth! The final exe size is very close between gcc and openwatcom, and digital mars, I also tried. I selected openwatcom just because the make of digital mars is not finished by wxWidgets yet.

I'm thinking if use VC++, the exe size would be more small, since MS has released the compiler for free.
Message2. Re: Changing the name of this forum
Posted by: KaReL 2004-04-25 12:48:41
Why not just call it "wxWidgets forum" ? ;) Most of the questions are related to M$ anyway... But you can always ask other OS's questions too, which should be about the same due to the nature of wxWidgets.
Message3. Re: Changing the name of this forum
Posted by: guidance 2004-04-25 17:03:01
OK, since the traffic here is not so busy as the official mailing list yet :)
Message4. Re: Changing the name of this forum
Posted by: str3l0k 2004-05-16 18:12:23
I'm voting for the "wxWidgets Forum" :)
Message5. Re: Changing the name of this forum
Posted by: sylvain_gnu 2004-05-29 05:28:45

I just discovered this Forum, and already a good surprise: I'm happy you changed the name of the Forum to a _generic_ name. " wxWidgets " sure is better name than " wxWidgets 'one_single_platform' ".

I will definitely come back here from time to time to see this Forum grow! ;-)

And I look forward to when the name of the link on the official WX page (currently " A wxWidgets/Dev-C++ forum ") will be updated with the new name of the forum. I think the traffic here will increase then.

Message6. Re: Changing the name of this forum
Posted by: yeohhs 2004-05-29 10:11:31
Yes, VC++ does indeed compile much faster than GCC. Also the exe file is smaller. :-)

If renamed to "wxWidgets", it does mean that others like Python coders are also welcomed here. :-) Or do we just want to focus on wxWidgets coding in C++?

Best Regards,
Message7. Re: Changing the name of this forum
Posted by: guidance 2004-05-29 10:21:59
Good comments, but I prefer focus on C++ here, thanks!
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