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Message1. wxStyledTextCtrl
Posted by: 2004-06-23 21:21:27
I've installed wxWindows from DevPak on Dev C++ 5, and seems like wxStyledTextCtrl is not included, I have a copy of wxWindows, but don't know how to install the wxStyledTextCtrl.Can anybody give me some guide?
Message2. Re: wxStyledTextCtrl
Posted by: HeReSY 2004-06-25 22:04:04

Just install the contrib devpack for wxWidgets.

Message3. Re: wxStyledTextCtrl
Posted by: 2004-06-28 18:55:33
Thanks, I overlooked that.
Message4. Re: wxStyledTextCtrl
Posted by: 2004-06-30 15:24:42
azazel Wrote:
> Thanks, I overlooked that.

Did you succeded compiling the stc contrib's sample?
I always get a bunch of error on the linking processm like:

libwxmsw25_stc.a(stclib_stc.o)(.text+0x20e0):stc.cpp: undefined reference to `wxMemoryOutputStream::wxMemoryOutputStream(void*, unsigned)'

The other error are missing references to other `wxMemoryOutputStream' functions.

I'm using Rene's wxWidget 2.5.1 DevPack + contribs  with Dev-C++ + Mingw updated to 3.3.1, and those are my (latest try) linker settings:


Hope you, or someone else can help.
Thanks in advance
Message5. Re: wxStyledTextCtrl
Posted by: upCASE 2004-06-30 15:31:14
This may sound stupid, but have you tried changing the linker list like

If it was hard to write, it should be hard to read!- Do. Or do not. There is no try!
Message6. Re: wxStyledTextCtrl
Posted by: 2004-06-30 21:27:08
Oh yeah I received linker error all the time
Message7. Re: wxStyledTextCtrl
Posted by: 2004-07-01 00:58:07
upCASE Wrote:
> Hi!This may sound stupid, but have you tried
> changing the linker list
> like
> -lwxmsw25_stc
> -lwxmsw25...
> upCASE

This may sound stupid too: I've tried to move the -lwxmsw25_stc lib around, but I didn't try to put it as the first entry.
Now I've tried, and it worked!

[size=+2]HUGE[/size] thanks!!
Message8. Re: wxStyledTextCtrl
Posted by: 2004-07-01 06:56:29
Hi all,

I am trying to implement some application and currently faced two problems.
1. Is that possible to skip numbering on some lines and to continue them later?
2. Is this possible to synchronize scrolling events between two controls so they will scroll simultaneously?


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