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Message1. EVT_WIZARD_FINISHED callback not working
Posted by: 2004-09-29 21:46:01
Hi all,

I’m having a rather odd problem. I have successfully compiled and linked my application and everything work perfect with the exception that the wizard type dialogs within the application fail to call their associated EVT_WIZARD_FINISHED callback functions when the “Finish” button is clicked. The cancel, page_changing and page_changed callbacks all work fine, just the finished callback never calls its associate function.

I would post code but I’m pretty confident that it is correct as the program compiles without this quirky error under Linux. I’m guessing its my library files that I’m linking to. Has anyone else had this problem before? I’m currently downloading wxWidgets 2.5 (to upgrade from my current 2.4.0 libraries) to try fix the problem.

What suggestions do others have as to how to go about fixing this?

I am using
 o Dev-C++
 o wxWidgets 2.4.0 (as obtained from href="")


     Bowen Denning <bdenningATxtraDOTcoDOTnz>
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