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Message1. "Canvas doesn't allow drawing" error
Posted by: 2003-10-09 04:13:47
Hi everybody!
I'm getting pissed of with this error, that occurs on any windows 9x(not on XP)

That's the case: I'm trying to load QDXimagelists, 6 at all, in the same QDXScreen
one with 392 frames(bmps), another with 752 frames, another with 50 frames, another with 38 frames, another with 70 frames, and the last with 20 frames.

So, when the program runs, it displays the Canvas error. What it can be? Too much bmps to load at same time? then memory runs out? What can I do? May I could be doing anything wrong? What could be the solution? Load grahics from separated bmps, instead of QDX lists?

Help me, please! this is very important since my game uses many frame animations. (maybe tooo much)

Message2. Re: "Canvas doesn't allow drawing" error
Posted by: 2003-10-13 01:46:48
If it doesn't work on 9x but does work on XP, you may be running out of resources. Run the resource monitor and see if it drops down to low levels.
Message3. Re: "Canvas doesn't allow drawing" error
Posted by: 2003-10-15 21:27:12
Where resource monitor stays on XP? And if my program drops down to low levels, what can i do?

Someone knows if uncheck 'use system memory' on dxl editors (programs that creates .dxg files) - property of any bmp on list - really works with rapid-Q? Or it only works on delphi? It could be a solution.

Need some feedback, please!!!

Message4. Re: "Canvas doesn't allow drawing" error
Posted by: qmark 2003-11-26 00:30:47
had the same problem when writing some code out of sub's

for example:     "Timer1.OnTimer = TimerOver1"

I put the code into "sub start" which is called from "Form.onshow=start"

tried it
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