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Message1. How can i extend QRichEdit?
Posted by: 2002-10-18 16:24:31
I'm working on a new i have a problem on a
QRichEdit, i can insert into it only 65535 chars.
How can i extend the number of chars in a QRichEdit?
Message2. SendMessage
Posted by: guidance 2002-10-18 23:11:26
Message3. Re: How can i extend QRichEdit?
Posted by: kohaistyle 2002-10-18 23:54:54
Hmmm ..

Well, i tested this workaround some months ago, but it didn't work ...

The RichEdit is still at the 64k limit. Maybe this has various effects, depending on the OS ??

Any case, i still haven't got around this limitation ... :(
Message4. Your code?
Posted by: guidance 2002-10-19 18:18:54
What's your actual code? Did you put sendmessage just before form.showmodal?
Message5. Re: Your code?
Posted by: kohaistyle 2002-10-19 21:28:13
Well, yes, i put sendmessage before the window display.

Actually, i found this code on the ...

Is it working for you ? what OS are running ? i'm on WinME ...
Message6. Re: Your code?
Posted by: guidance 2002-10-20 08:23:32
Seems no limit at all in Win2000, I tried this example (Check 64k Length Limit.bas):
Message7. Re: Your code?
Posted by: kohaistyle 2002-10-20 18:37:19
Don't bother :

I checked this code, and it throws an exception error, when the content of the RIchEdit is above 64k ... :)

Too bad, no workaround for me ! :)
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