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Message1. Iternet connection problem
Posted by: OvalX 2002-10-29 14:16:16
I'd like create a little program to daily downloading files from i-net by using new component "". The QDownload example ( works OK (form appears on screan), but if I pressed button Download, the message was shown: "You are not connected to the Internet". I have LAN connection to internet by proxy server address, port 80. I am not master to LAN or NET settings :..-(. I have not proxy client.
Dim Download as QDownload
....showmessage "Port: " & str$(Download.Port) ' returns 80
....showmessage "Server: " & Download.Server ' returns empty (null?)string
Anybody can help me?
Message2. Re: Iternet connection problem
Posted by: guidance 2002-10-29 23:21:03
Find out from archive, try:
From:  Andreas.Fink@w...
Date:  Mon Feb 5, 2001  5:49 am
Subject:  Re: HTTP Proxy

> I know you can use an http proxy with Rapid-q, however,
> I can't seem to figure out how.

That's not difficult: You connect to the proxy on the port specified
(often 8080 but not always...), you send the GET-Message, but you add
the complete URL not only the filename as you did in usual HTTP...
then you get the data sent and you're served...
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