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Message1. Windows VB Inc file
Posted by: 2002-11-07 04:44:22
Hi, I have got a good experience with Qb45 from 1987-1995 and now I really enjoy Rapid-Q. I also have found that D. glodt extentions are a great way to learn more about the organisation of data structures and object oriented working details. !!! I say this because it is well commented programming!

I would like to know if there are any working examples of direct3d/opengl programming in rapid-q. I know that 2d directx is supported but i downloaded the open/gl paquage on this site but there are no tuts/examples. ?
Message2. oups
Posted by: 2002-11-07 04:45:26
subject line has nothing to do...
Message3. Re: Windows VB Inc file
Posted by: guidance 2002-11-07 07:27:38
Editting your own posts any time is allowed in this forum, including the subjects.
Welcome join!
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