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Message1. Total beginner can't work out how to read a colour from screen
Posted by: 2002-11-20 09:39:18
I am new to Rapid Q but was familiar with BBC BASIC years ago.  I need to write a screen compression routine for black and white bitmaps.  The documentation states that PAINT (x%,y%,c%) is R/W and I can do the write part but how do you read c%?  I am getting desparate :(  Help would be appreciated.
Message2. Console or GUI?
Posted by: guidance 2002-11-20 11:26:33
Which Paint do you mean? Console or GUI? QBitmap.Pixel can tell you the point color. Check examples (DxfONE! etc.):
Message3. Re: Console or GUI?
Posted by: 2002-11-21 08:35:30
Thanks for advice.  I thought it would be a simple answer.  I was looking at the Paint comand and had completely missed the pixel.  I am using GUI btw I had spotted PEEK & POKE in Console.  As I mentioned I used BBC BASIC there all peek/poke etc was handled with indirection operators -? -for a byte, ! for 4 bytes,  the position of the operator determined read or write.  With BBC Assembler though you could read a value by specifically using X% Y% etc to read 6502 registers wheras any other value would be written to it.... I think.  It was a long time ago!  Since then I have endured a bike crash where I damaged my brain. broke my back too but I seem ok now... almost.  Thanks again.
Message4. Speed is a problem in RQ
Posted by: guidance 2002-11-21 10:07:20
Sorry to hear your bike crash -- China is also a kingdom of bikes.

Although use Rapid-Q to operate pixel is very very easy to code, the execution speed is obviously a disadvantage. If that's a problem for you, you may try RQASM.
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