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Message1. unchangeable QEdit
Posted by: 2003-05-04 19:30:54
Is there a way to prevent the user changing the contents of a QEdit ?

I have a program that displays data in a form, simply using QEdits and labels. I have colored the not-to-be-changed QEdits dark grey and made their TAB order messy. The to-be-changed ones are green with a specific TAB order. I am also using SetFocus so that the user is diverted away from the not-to-be-changed QEdits. But what I really want is to write-protect those QEdits !

I set it up this way because - depending on certain conditions - I am changing the background color of QEdits to indicate off-spec values (red background), derived values (yellow) and in-spec values (green). Using a QEdit looks neater than using labels with a background color change, as labels do not have an edge the way QEdits do.

Message2. ReadOnly works?
Posted by: guidance 2003-05-04 20:15:13
Or Enabled?
Message3. Re: ReadOnly works?
Posted by: 2003-05-04 20:21:33
Ah yes  :)  Qedit.ReadOnly = 1 does the trick

thanks Guidance
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