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Message1. Problem with QTimer
Posted by: cajino 2003-05-28 05:44:29
I'm trying to make a program to measure time quite accurately (it's a chronometer for byke racing).
I noticed that setting the interval at 10 my chronometer fails by several seconds per minute, while setting it at 100 thing go a little better, but even with an interval of 1000 I get a 2 soc/min error!
I tried with VB6 and had the same problem.
Now, has my computer gone nuts or is this a common problem?(it's an AMD 1.7G 512 Mb).
Thank you all

Message2. Re: Problem with QTimer
Posted by: guidance 2003-05-28 07:13:22
I suppose QTimer implemented in Windows is still using native basic timer, i.e. 18.2Hz, i.e. 55mS resolution. I suggest don't rely on this as a real world stop-watch, you can read machine clock / timestamp in ontimer event handler, rather than accumulate the qtimer ticks itself. Here's a high resolution timestamp:
Message3. Re: Problem with QTimer
Posted by: cajino 2003-05-30 14:29:10
Exactly what I needed, thanks Guidance.

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