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Message1. Administration tool - Is this still supported ?
Posted by: Wally 2009-05-03 18:27:43

I have some experience writing small Classic Rexx programs using what is now called "legacy" Reginald.

I now want to learn how to write GUI scripts for Windows using REXX.

I have downloaded Rexx Dialog and the RexxGUI from Jeff Glatt's User Page.

With legacy Reginald you also get an Administration tool which is supposed to enable registration of all functions of Rxdlg.dll.

However, I cannot see how to do this on the Administration tool interface - there is no place to "click".

I can only get the example scripts (which download with Dialog) to work if I de-comment those script passages which manually register Rxdlg using Rxfuncadd as if I was using the Regina interpreter.

I have also tried using REGLITE but it doesn't offer the Aministration tool

Do I have a bug or is the Administration tool still recommended/supported ?

Help/advice would be appreciated,
Posted by: Jeff Glatt 2009-05-03 22:21:30
There is no Administration Tool. It's not needed any more. REXX Dialog is obsolete. REXX GUI replaces it. Read the topic "For the Reginald newbie" for more details.
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