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Message1. Usability enhancement in RPC
Posted by: Michael S 2012-01-13 18:18:18
I can show/hide the Project/Resource window in RPC - all well and good.

I would suggest that when the usen opens a project, this window is automatically reshown (even if it's hidden).

Otherwise, without that, you open a project and ...... you're left thinking that nothing's happened. (Also, if you open a project, WITHOUT showing the window, there's not a whole lot you can do with the scripts in the project, is there ?)
Message2. I also have another enhancement request
Posted by: Michael S 2012-01-14 18:14:18
I have one project that contains a number of "utility" routines that I "macro" to in all my main scripts.

It ould be nice/helpful if I was able to sort the contents of a project in alphabetic order to check if an item exists there already (rather than having to eye-ball the contents).

So, the ability to sort a project's contents (apart from the first entry obviously)
Message3. An "irritating" aspect in RPC
Posted by: Michael S 2012-01-18 15:29:35
If I have 2 scripts where A calls B and I have some sort of syntax error in B (such that Check script for errors would show at least one error) why can't RPC give me a message of some sort when I start debugging A ?

Instead, what happens is ....... nothing, leaving me with the impression that either A or B has gone into a never-ending loop.

REALLY irritating.
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