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Message1. wxCheckListBox and runtime errors
Posted by: 2004-03-05 01:55:50
Hi, I'm happily using devcpp ( with wxwindows (2.4).

Recently I needed to use in a simple application a wxCheckListBox with client data, and experimented some troubles.

I built a data class (let's call it configData), deriving it from wxClientData, whose members are simply some wxString objects.

Then derived a class from wxCheckListBox (let's call it mainList), whose constructor calls a public member function that opens a file, reads some strings from it, then creates (using 'new') a data object for each line in the file, filling it with the values read from the file, then adds a new line in the wxCheckListBox, and sets the new created client data item as the client data item.

I create a new mainList object as child of the classical MyFrame object (from the devcpp wxwindows template).

The program compiles and links correctly, but as I try to execute it I obtain an access violation runtime error. Worknig with the debugger I've seen that the error occurs when the program tries to show the frame.
The strange thing is that if I leave all the code untouched and simply remove the instruction that sets the configData object as the client  data of the mainList item.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

Message2. Re: wxCheckListBox and runtime errors
Posted by: 2004-03-06 00:45:02
BTW, I tried to compile the same code with the only difference that I derived my mainList class from wxListBox instead of wxCheckListBox, and everything works fine (except, obviously, that I don't have the checkboxes in the list lines...).

At this point I guess that probably the wxCheckListBox makes somehow use of the clientData pointer of his ancestor, that conflicts with the use of it by the application...

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

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