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Message1. More than 1 REXX interpreter installed
Posted by: 2005-02-04 03:19:20
I have Regina (ie, another REXX interpreter) installed on my system.

I know where to get Reginald, and I found a few things that I'd like to play around with that use it, but I'm not really ready to install it since I'm not really sure what the install does or whether anything I'm doing with Regina will continue to work.
Message2. Re: More than 1 REXX interpreter installed
Posted by: Jeff Glatt 2005-02-04 04:25:47
You should be able to install both Reginald and Regina simultaneously without significant problems. Reginald comes with an uninstall utility (that you'll see listed in Control Panel's Add/Remove software) that cleanly removes it from your system.

The only conflict you may have is that both programs associate themselves with a .REX extension.

The last few letters of a file's name, after the last dot, is referred to as its "extension". For example, let's say that you have a REXX script named "MyScript.rex". The extension on this filename is "rex". Suppose you have a file named "Something.txt". The extension on this filename is "txt". Etc.

The windows operating system lets you pick out what executable you want "associated" with all files that end with that a particular extension. For example, you can say that you want Regina's frontend (REGINA.EXE) associated with all files whose names end with a "rex" extension. So whenever you double-click on the icon for a file whose name ends with a "rex" extension, the windows operating system automatically starts up REGINA.EXE and passes it the file's name. Hence, Regina.exe runs your rexx script named "MyScript.rex".

But you can change that file association so that any file whose name ends in "rex" is instead associated with Reginald's frontend (RXLAUNCH.EXE). Now, whenever you double-click on "MyScript.rex", it will be run by Reginald.

You alter the file associations on your computer by opening the "My Computer" window. Select that window's "Tools -> Folder Options..." menu item. That brings up the "Folder Options" notebook. Flip to the "File Types" page. This contains a list of all of the registered file types (ie, extensions) on your computer. Look down the list until you find "REX". Click on it to highlight it, and you'll see some details about what executable "opens" it, which apparently on your system should be "Regina". Click on the "Change" button to pick out a different executable to associate with files whose names end with this REX extension. This will bring up a file dialog you can use to pick Reginald's RXLAUNCH.EXE. (If it's not already in the list, click the "Other..." button and use the file dialog to locate that exe on your hard drive).

Now after you close down the Folder Options notebook, all files whose names end in a REX extension will no longer be opened (ie, run) by REGINA.EXE, but rather, will be run by RXLAUNCH.EXE.

But here's an alternate thing you can do. You can create your own registered extension. Let's say that you want to be able to rename a script with an extension of "RREX" and have it be run by RXLAUNCH.EXE. (And you will leave files that have a REX extension run by REGINA.EXE).

On the File Types page, click on the "New" button. This will pop open a "Create New Extension" dialog. Into the box, type your desired, new extension, for example "rrex" (without the quotes). Click on OK and you'll see "rrex" appear in the list of registered extensions. Now you can highlight it and click on the "Change" button to pick out "RXLAUNCH.EXE" to associate it.

Now, for any script you want Regina to run (when you double-click it), you just name it with a REX extension. But if you want Reginald to run that script, rename the script so it ends with RREX.
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