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Message1. MySQL CONNECT error -- password format changed (4.1x, 5)
Posted by: 1kyle 2005-11-19 21:10:17
Hi --glad to see this EXCELLENT product is still alive and kicking -- I've used REXX for a long time (going back to mainframes) and your programmer centre with GUI is absolutely great.

One problem I've got with connecting to MySQL --I'm now using version 5, but it was the same in versions 4.1.x is that the password format has changed -- I'm not sure of the actual mechanism but it's something to do with 32 bit encryption or whatever.

So in using the OBDC / Mysql connect you get an error as it won't let you logon.

A get around is to have the user password on the mysql in the "Old Format" --then it works fine --but this is only OK if you can change the password format on your own system.

If you are logging on to an account on a network you can't change the password format.

Any chance you can have a look at the MySQL interface and fix it so "new type" passwords can be passed.


Message2. Re: MySQL CONNECT error -- password format changed (4.1x, 5)
Posted by: Jeff Glatt 2005-11-20 04:16:28
Are you talking about using RxOdbc to access MySql? The MySql driver should take care of any special formatting it needs for the password.
Message3. Re: MySQL CONNECT error -- password format changed (4.1x, 5)
Posted by: misi01 2005-11-21 15:56:54
Or.... you're not talking about passing the password in the connect string are you ?
IF that is the case, what happens if you connect using a sting WITHOUT the password ?(I assume MYsql prompts you for it - if so, does the prompted inputted password get accepted ?)
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