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Message1. Gypsyproxy server
Posted by: 2003-02-05 18:30:47
Does GypsyProxy support CGI and Php?


Message2. Really?
Posted by: guidance 2003-02-05 19:31:10
As far as I know, no.
Do you really need CGI for a proxy?
Message3. Re: Gypsyproxy server
Posted by: 2003-02-05 21:39:12
It's also a http server, or at least that's what I reckoned.

Message4. Re: Gypsyproxy server
Posted by: 2003-02-06 15:30:34
Guidance is right.  There is not CGI implemented or the php.  What I want to know is what would be the most needed enhancement?  Probably it would be CGI.  BTW, if you don't have the new version, get it as it fixes several things and allows you to customize listening ports.

The proxy functions have also been dramatically improved in efficiency.  Some time ago, Guidance helped me test it and it was just so-so.  Now all pages are fully retreived, I think. 

Also, in other programs, included qxls code, RAM leaks are fixed.  Basically, the key to minimizing RAM leaks is to avoid the RQ bug (RAM leak) in calling functions or subs.  What, you say.  Well, yes, use functions and subs, but put the code "in-line" (thus, no sub or func call) whenever possible,
and especially for cases where there may be 100s of thousands or millions of calls.  If you have sub or function calls in the hundreds or 10s of thousands, you leak a bit a RAM but it is not really a problem.  Just look at those cases where you have a large number of calls and put that code inline in your program (eliminate the call).  That's all there is to it.  All of my programs are now optimized as just described.

Email me about your "vote" on the cgi.  I don't exactly know what php is and would have to research that (or you can explain it to me).  But it seems the cgi would not be very hard to implement.

The basic concept of GypsyProxy is small and simple (not using much system resources).  You can DL huge http servers that are great, but I noticed they are so "professional" that they use too much system resources for a simple, fairly low traffic situation.  Anyway, adding cgi might not make the program much bigger and may be a good bang for the buck.
Message5. Re: Gypsyproxy server
Posted by: 2003-02-06 16:11:54
In fact, a simple, small server is exactly what I need (that's what RapidQ is all about, isn't it?), since my website lies in a small network with 30 clients or so.
The CGI support would be very welcome (in my case essential), and php.. actually I don't know! I mean, I read something about it, I know that it can add a lot of interactivity to web pages (again, something I'd find useful), in short, a greatly improved CGI, but when I decided to try it out I realized that my server (Xitami) does not support it, and I don't think I have the skills to handle Apache or other more advanced systems.
So, I need a simple server with cgi and php support , but maybe that's a contradiction in terms...


Message6. PHP
Posted by: guidance 2003-02-06 19:09:02
PHP is not included in any web server softwares themselves, you must download it from and install it separately. Fortunately, PHP can be run as CGI service for any web servers which support CGI, including Xitami I remember.
If Gypsy has CGI support added, PHP will be supported automatically.

Other run mode of PHP is as a dynamic loadable module of Apache or ISAPI of IIS, which is more efficiency and less resource consumed compared with CGI mode. However, for small web servers, CGI mode is more easy to use and supported by almost all web servers.
Message7. Re: Gypsyproxy server
Posted by: 2003-03-01 20:18:12
honesly, guys, it's not a big deal to create own web server with scripting support and 99.5% ASP emulation and etc. So, if you want ideal solution, - build your own. Want more? Add there support for asinhronouse pluggable protocol, and you will have powerfull enough application.
Message8. Re: Gypsyproxy server
Posted by: 2003-04-01 13:58:37
Yes, now the web server component is CGI/1.1 compliant.  Please see the new topic on this right here on Guidance's fabulous forum!  doc
Message9. Re: Gypsyproxy server
Posted by: 2003-04-02 10:06:43
Yes, version 1.2 of GypsyProxy does.  It is CGI/1.1 compliant.
Message10. Re: PHP
Posted by: 2003-04-11 14:41:15
>>PHP is not included in any web server softwares themselves...

Try this:

It works!! ;-)

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