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Message1. Send data trough a proxy server?
Posted by: 2003-05-08 20:48:49
Where can I find (not RFC) information about sending data trough a proxy server.

I need to send and recieve data from an webserver (located on internet) trough a (squid) proxy server.

Have someone generated code to doez this or can anyone give me pointers where to look... (cant use any built-in windows stuff... must do the signaling/framing myself)...

Message2. Re: Send data trough a proxy server?
Posted by: 2003-05-09 03:07:10
My GypsyProxy 1.2, written in RQ, allows you do this.  Information on the site points to relevant RFCs.  There are two ways to do this.  One is using the http proxy CONNECT method and the other is the Socks v5 proxy.
The download and a specifications page are at
Good luck!
P.S. while we are talking now, someone is browsing the web through my copy of Gypsy.
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