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Message1. New RQ-Compatible Compiler
Posted by: 2003-05-13 11:15:47
I have started work on a new basic compiler: (1) RQ code compatible, (2) eliminate byte code and compile direct to assembler language for speed and (3) eliminate/change the libraries so there is one library where the linker would use only the obj modules (Qcomponents) actually used in a program, to reduce .exe size.  I envision two steps here: (1) make all the object modules to compile using rc.exe bytecode, then (2) compile directly to assembler to eliminate the bytecode step.  That is, programs would be fully compiled .exe's, not a run-time "language" (bytecode) interpreter.
Message2. Re: New RQ-Compatible Compiler
Posted by: 2003-05-13 11:30:43
Thats was a great idea, Doc. I'm not a good programmer, just now how to program using rapidq. can't wait to have rapidq has ability to produce small .exe footprint.

PS/ Just found out about Fasm/w compiler that capable to compile itself and using macro similar masm. If I'm good asm programmer, this tool would be great to create a new rapidQ version based on macro building for Basic syntax and allow a new RapidQ to use inline assembler code or even making new syntax with macros.... ;)
Message3. Re: New RQ-Compatible Compiler
Posted by: 2003-05-13 12:25:51
Right.  It looks like you have the idea, man!  I am using masm32 right now.
Message4. Re: New RQ-Compatible Compiler
Posted by: 2003-05-13 13:11:27
But, I couldn't contribute as much as if I know the assembler language.  Try to learn it but confused by the idea moving around memory register and variables usage(never got formal programming learning class). RapidQ is the best Basic language I ever know and I like it very much. It is easy and understandable. Giving my full support wherever I could for it's improvement.

PS - I got the idea after looking at HLA Basic produced using MASM. But the sourcecode is for 16Bit console if I'm not wrong. Built based on High Level Assember language (macros constructions on the other words).
Message5. Re: New RQ-Compatible Compiler
Posted by: cajino 2003-05-13 15:51:48
Wow, that would be the ultimate improvement on RQ!
It would solve two problems at the same time:
1 - file size (anyway, 300K is not that bad, but assembler language would be another thing!)
2 - it could open new paths for future development. RQ is now a dead end, unfortunately, and your new compiler would bring it back to life. As an RQ enthusiast this would make me really happy.

You've got all my support (alas, moral support will have to do, I'm a lousy programmer) on this effort.
In the meanwhile, thanks for your work on the libs, I appreciate your help to this community.


Message6. Fully support!
Posted by: guidance 2003-05-14 09:16:56
One real challenge is in GUI part. If consider using C++/wxWindows, I may offer an actual hand in writing something, although I'm new for wxWindows anyhow.
Message7. Re: Fully support!
Posted by: 2003-05-17 23:50:17
I plan to make the code MS C compatible [this is like a compile option in MASM32].  So with each component in a separate obj module, anyone could write new components or change/debug/develop exisiting components by merely changing the obj module in the ONE library I would provide with the new Basic.  That is the plan anyway.  Thanks for support!
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