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the .bas file is just the source code.. you can rename it as a .txt file if you'd like to look at it. but do try rapid q if you can..

finally, somethnig to rename all those wav files.. someone beat me to the release of a freeware renaming app.. took long enough tho :)

usage notes: the gui is self-explanatory, if somewhat brief. the commands are executed in sequence from the top of the form to the bottom, when compatible.

known 'quirks:'

when selecting multiple items, you must select the lowest item first and drag the mouse upwards, or the batch routine will process the wrong set of files, thinking that the last one you have selected is the first one to process.. rapid q currently has no way of checking the index of an item against it's position within the array of selected files using the listbox protocol, and whichever file the mouse touches last is elected as the first of the array to be processed....

i have no clue why, but i absolutely couldn't get the 'insert' functions to work when processing just a single file.. i guess i could have scrunched another button in, but that would just look so terribly tacky. and so....

this software is released as a proof of theory, to demonstrate the accessibility of freeware programming tools. sort yourself out with a free compiler, you'll be knocking out the freeware in style-ah.

and of course, this software package neither implies nor extends any liability for damages incurred through use, that means use at your own risk.. i am not responsible if bad things happen.
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