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Version 1.0.0
  Not BETA anymore ???
  - the proprety .WithDotsDirs did not work under .DIR
  - add .WithDotsDirs in documentation
Beta Version 0.0.4    September 6th, 2003
  In Version 0.0.3, when a directory had an attibute other than "D" set,
  it was erroneously rejected. This was due to this line of QDir code
        .rejectedAttributes = "AHNRSTC0"  ' Reject All Except Dir
  in Sub Dirs2, when listing only the Directories.
  (Here only WIN95 directories have attributes different than "DIRECTORY"
  set ????)

  In version 0.0.4 the recursive directory scanning has been abandonned
  and replaced by a QStringList. A first Directory Scan for directories
  Inserts sub directories Path to that QStringList (respecting the usual
  scan). A second Scan Searches for matching Files/Directories. Scanning
  is finished when the last item of the QStringList is done.
  - QDir Version 0.0.4 is totally compatible with QDir Version 0.0.3
  - it will correctly DIRS under Win95
  - now you can specify to only scan directories
    .MustAttributes = "D" is OK now. In version 0.0.3 it did not work.
  - If you dont want the "." and ".." directiories to be returned,
    just set the property QDir.WithDotsDirs = False . For compatibility
    with Version 0.0.3 QDir.WithDotsDirs = True by Default.
  - the code is far more clear :) and a little little bit faster ???

Beta Version 0.0.3     October 28th, 2002
QDIR was buggy with $ESCAPECHARS OFF
- $ESCAPECHAR$ ON/OFF removed from QDIR
    - Const QDIR_RQCR and QDIR_BACKSLASH created
      ??? There seems to be a bug using $ESCAPECHARS in QOBJECT ???
- Commented $TYPECHECK ON/OFF too
- Reworked QDirTest.Bas Examples

Beta Version 0.0.2
    No Change on an User Point Of View
    Renaming Constantes and Apis To avoid Double declaration in the User
    EX : Const FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ARCHIVE = &H20        ' "A"
         renamed Const QDIR_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_ARCHIVE = &H20        ' "A"
    Ex : Declare Function FindClose Lib "kernel32" _
                     Alias "FindClose" (ByVal hFindFile As Long) As Long
         renamed Declare Function QDIR_FindClose Lib "kernel32" _
                     Alias "FindClose" (ByVal hFindFile As Long) As Long

Beta Version 0.0.1
    First Version
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