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Fixed Libs 2005 by Snakedile 2013-08-20 12:34 294
Rapid-Q++ 2013-08-20 12:34 541
RapidQ2_distribution 2013-08-20 12:35 538
New RapidQ include files to extend objects new components: QDebug, Qcomport, Qsystem, QMenuEx, Application, Screen, and other goodies, WINDOWS.INC, RapidQ_D3D.INC. Plus new RapidQ CHM help file. Get the base system at updated version 1.3, see readme - JohnK
rqlibsql 2013-08-20 12:35 310
Rapid-Q MySQL libraries for Windows If you want to use the QMYSQL component, you'll have to download this. Please note that this is ONLY the Rapid-Q libraries, you'll also need MySQL v3.22.xx.
riched32.dll170.3kB2013-08-20 12:33101
Copy this DLL into your RapidQ.exe directory if you saw "Cannot Focus a Disabled or Invisible Window" message. If still there, then try riched20.dll (Version : or Version : also.
rqbeta.zip2.3MB2013-08-20 12:34253
Core files (IDE & Compiler) Rapid-Q for Windows 95/98/2000/NT August 29, 2000 (keyword.lst which supports F1 help etc.)
rqdlls.zip637.1kB2013-08-20 12:34103
Rapid-Q Interpreter DLLs (650Kb) Updated August 29, 2000.
With these DLLs, you can run byte coded Rapid-Q programs in any language that support DLL calls. To compile as byte code only, use the -b switch when compiling. Note that RAPIDQ32.DLL is for GUI programs and RAPIDQCC.DLL is for CONSOLE mode programs.
rqgtklib.zip150.6kB2013-08-20 12:3467
Rapid-Q GTK libraries for Windows 120 KB July 10, 2000
WIN32API.INC688.3kB2013-08-20 12:34224
4 folders, 5 files (3.9MB)
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