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A Skinnable button based on a real QButton
Appendix A: QTBUTTON36.6kB2013-06-19 07:5046
QTButton88.inc29.7kB2013-06-19 07:5033
This new version finally fix an old transparency bug under Win9x, a repaint bug when the mouse leave the btn, and a bad drawing of the btn when down = true and groupindex isn't 0...
QTButton94.inc41.7kB2013-06-19 07:5047
Version .94 :
-Some minor bugs fixed
-Added an Add-Ons (checked the file
Version .92 :
-Fixed a lot of glitch with the XP integration...
 enabling and disabling should work now
-Fixed a bad version detection, QTButton think that Win2000 is WinXP and try to apply the XPTheme
-Added support for 3 styles of button; PushButton (Normal), TabButton and ToolBarButton
-Fixed Spacing and Layout
-Added FlickeringTrick, this will mask the 3D region of the btn, making your btn smaller too.
(flickering is almost visible when a skin isn't so rectangular, so in this case FlickeringTrick may help)
-Added HideFocus property, this will mask the region where the focus normaly appear so you'll have to readjust the size of your btn when enabled
QTButton_AddOns.inc18.7kB2013-06-19 07:5037
This is an add-on to QTButton (you'll need atleast version .94 of QTButton), it may be called QTButton_Lite since only the Skin engine is available, all other feature like mouse over, bitmap on btn are not available, for now...
The Add-On allow fast conversion of QButton or QCoolBtn to QTButton (Lite), trought SUB, and it work with btn arrays, this is the major reason why this add-on has been create...

See QTButton_AddOns_SmallExample.bas for some example...
QTButton_AddOns_SmallExample.bas3.7kB2013-06-19 07:5036
QTButton_FullExamples.bas10.4kB2013-06-19 07:5038
This example demonstrate how change skin at run-time or how to combine two different skin at the same time. This example is also include in the doc and may be more upto date.
QTButton_NewFullExample.bas16.4kB2013-06-19 07:5040
This example is optimized for XP but still work for other version of Windows
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