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Nothing less than a CoolBar with XP support
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Appendix A: QCOOLBAR13.8kB2013-06-19 07:5083
Appendix A: QCOOLBARXP24.0kB2013-06-19 07:5092
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Nothing less than a CoolBar with XP Theme support
Features :
- Added a menu that will appeare when the width of bar is more than the container width
  (so dont forget to name your btns properly)
- Allow show/hide btn captions
- Allow disabling/enabling btns
- Allow btns grouping
- Allow changing Orientation of the CoolBar
- Add imageList for different btn states
  (normal, disabled, selected, hover)
- Added an option to disable XP background

- Current XP Desktop Theme supported (XP only, other version will see a flat style version)
- Btn with Menu supported
- Adding controls like EDIT or COMBOBOX is possible
- Dragable (buggy)

The doc is not ready at now, so refer to the example for more detail on how to make it work...
QCoolBarXPv1d.inc68.4kB2013-06-19 07:5067
QCoolBarXPv1_Exemple.bas3.2kB2013-06-19 07:5089
QCoolBar_Example.bas8.6kB2013-06-19 07:50104
Fixed the DLL bug under Win9X
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