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All source code is written to target the RapidQ compiler
(c) William Yu,, except
Scintilla.dll, written by Neil Hodgson <>

The project is developed in the FreeQ IDE by loading the  file FreeQ.QProj.

Source code for the form designer by Don Homans.

For more information, additional include files, links and other
information go to

To Compile FreeQ IDEa from source (without a running copy of the IDE)
using latest version FreeQ140.bas

1.  Unzip the FreeQ source code (creates the folder "FreeQ_IDE_src")
    c:\RapidQ\IDE\FreeQ_IDE_src\ will be created with all source code
    For (default configuration) simplicity:
        Rename this folder to FreeQ

2.  Copy the SciLiexer.dll into this folder (from the FreeQ exe folder or
    Available from:

3.  Ensure you have the following files in your default RapidQ include folder
    Available from:
    Available from

4.  Notice FreeQ_IDE_src creates a folder \debugger
    If needed Unzip the latest RapidDBG package to this folder.
    Available from:

5.  Obtain copies of ResHacker.exe and upx.exe and copy to the folder:

6.  Assuming a RapidQ folder structure of:
    Create a batch file make.bat with the following line:
    c:\RapidQ\rc.exe -r -IC:\RapidQ\inc -Lc:\RapidQ\lib FreeQ140.bas

    Run the make.bat batch file.
    After approx 15 secs you should have a FreeQ104.exe file,
    if NOT check the dump.$$$ file for errors, and fix appropriately.
    If all ok delete make.bat, as no longer required, and Dump.$$$

7.  For more simplification:
    Rename FreeQ140.exe to FreeQ.exe as you will now use this to
    re-generate FreeQ140.exe to update icons/files etc

8.  Edit \FreeQ\FreeQ.Qproj to update paths to rc.exe etc
    For example it assumes the default directory is c:\RapidQ\IDE\FreeQ

9 . Run FreeQ.exe:
    check/set your paths to RapidQ exe/lib/inc
    deselect "Default TypeCheck On"
    select "Set path to application"
    Save these settings.
    Re-generate FreeQ IDEa - FreeQ140.exe by loading FreeQ.Qproj
    with the menu (File -> Open Project)

11. Form Designer
    Run FreeQ.exe, open \FormDesigner\FormDesigner.Qproj, and compile it.
    Copy RapidFRM.exe to folder FreeQ\tools\

12. Source line debugger
    If you have FreeBasic installed (either v0.20.0 Beta or v0.21.0) you
    can create the fbDBGParser.dll, otherwise use the supplied version.
    An example batch file MakeDBG.bat can be used as a guide.

13. Copy fbDBGParser.dll to folder \FreeQ\tools

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