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This is 'Carnet', a nifty personal organizer

It is freeware and open source for all non-commercial use. No guarantee whatsoever is associated with it.
If you like it, or want to contribute improvements, email me :

How to use

Run the program Carnet.exe (in folder Executable)
On first run, it builds tutorial data.
Folder 'data' contains working data. Must be kept in same directory as Carnet.exe

How to use source

Source is in RapidQ basic.

Compile main module : Carnet.bas

the other .bas should be in the same directory as Carnet.bas
Folder 'data' contains working data. Must be kept in same directory.

French users/utilisateurs français

Ajoute la ligne :
$define FRANCAIS
au début de Carnet.bas et le programme sera compilé en français !

New in version v2, uploaded Jan 13, 2002
- completely new and exclusive PROJECT MANAGER module
- fixed problem occurring when some data files had been erased
- added find function (Week Organizer, Notes Tree)
- clean window resize
- choice of icon when icon file contains several ones (Week Organizer)
- fixed mailto: command
- created options file
- command to show/hide weekends (Options file)
- merged all 'Notes Tree' data into 1 data file instead of 3

revision uploaded Jan 16, 2002
- corrected Project Manager bug (incorrect detection of circular links)
- improved Schedule printing (some text items could mysteriously be missing)
- added Address Book printing (in the form of booklets)
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