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Message1. Model passage - Doggy
发贴: guidance 2006-12-21 14:32:08
A few months back we added a dog to our family. Our daughter Ananya had
been asking for one for a long time and finally we got her a puppy from
the local animal shelter. Ananya has named her Flower.

She's Ananya's dog but I get to care for her - feed her, pick up after
her, walk her. I mostly enjoy it, especially the morning walks. Flower
loves to chase cars. I have to be careful she doesn't go under the
wheels of a passing car or we'd be deflowered.

Clearly, the dog needs training. We took her to a Puppy Kindergarten
class. We learned that the class really trains the humans, not the
dogs. For example, the instructor told us that you have to let the dog know
that you're the leader of the pack so she follows your commands. I'm not
sure how well the leadership lesson goes on the dog when she can see that I
have to pick up after her rather than the other way.

When I'm not feeding the dog, cleaning her bowl, and taking her to the
vet, I explore words and write about them. Maybe some day when I feel
like sleeping late, Flower can fill in for me. You know, on the
Internet nobody knows you're a dog. In the meantime, enjoy this week's
expressions originating in pet animals.

-Anu Garg
 anu _at_ wordsmith _dot_ org
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