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Here's a list of known Rapid-Q bugs for the latest version, they won't be fixed in the near future untill a practical Rapid-Q clone or alternative compiler is created one day.
Fortunately, we can write our code carefully to avoid these bugs since they're all recognized and overcomed by other RQ users. You can also try these “PatchedRQLibs” to see whether the bugs are still there.
If you find new bugs, just tell us, thanks!
  1. The right$ function doesn't work properly with >32k strings.
  2. When click on QListView, the count of its columns is zero. Try QListViewEx instead.
  3. From: pauli0212 Tue, 11 May 2004 15:20:46 -0000
    File.ReadStr(n) does not give correct result. An additional space character is added to the end of the string read, which made the string comparisons to fail.
  4. QOpenDialog modifies the current directory
  5. The OPEN method of QFileStream is not a SUB as stated in the HTML DOCUMENTATION, but a FUNCTION returning zero if the file does not exist.
  6. QComPort is too buggy and removed from rapidq5.lib by the author. Windows users have this
    'Place it after you create the richedit and before your show your main form.
         CREATE form AS QFORM
          CREATE richedit AS QRICHEDIT
          END CREATE
         END CREATE
    'Make sure that it's called after Form.Center, but before Form.ShowModal
         sendmessage richedit.handle, &HC5, 0, 1048576
    alternative comport component made by Win32API.
  7. QCanvas OnDblClick event doesn′t response.
  8. Logical NOT operation is same as bitwise NOT.
  9. QTimer document is wrong, should be OnTimer(Sender as QTimer), i.e. one parameter, not zero. Many other objects in the document are lack of this parameter either!
  10. 一个程序只能使用一个QDXTimer, 否则就跑不了了。另外QDXTimer只能运行在前台。
    Only one QDXTimer could be used, otherwise the program will not run.
  11. From: “Alan Jones” Fri, 2 Aug 2002 22:33:31 +0100
    “OnEnter” event doesn′t work on QListBox. Instead could use the Form′s OnKeyUp event to call a routine that traps the Enter key with the Form′s KeyPreview property set to 1 or True.
  12. QRichEdit 的内容不能超过64k字节, 用如下方法可以解决 Remove the 64k limit (this problem exists in earlier versions of Windows only):
  13. In “For i=n0 To n1...Next” statement, sometimes i will always equal to n0 throughout the whole loop though the cycle number is right.
  14. ConvBase$() only accepts upper-case hex string.
  15. 'From: "danilo_yoingco" Tue, 23 Jul 2002 21:43:49 -0000
    'Note: I spotted a bug in ConvBase$:
    ' This will exception crash.
         PRINT "Long: "+CONVBASE$("FFFFFFFF", 16, 10)
         SLEEP 6
  16. QCheckBox cannot be passed as an argument even declared “ByRef”.
  17. BYTE cannot be returned correctly from Function.
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