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Message1. Dev-cpp & wxWindows configuration problems
Posted by: 2003-08-26 03:30:44
Hi to all,

This is my first writing to this forum. I downloadad wxwindows 2.4.1 & Dev-Cpp Compiled wxwindows with the compiler that comes with Dev-Cpp with ODBC set to 1 in setup.h. I'm trying to compile a small project but get a lot of following errors:

C:/wx241/lib/libwxmswd.a(db.o)(.text+0x4a3): In function `ZN14wxDbConnectInf9AllocHenvEv':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/common/db.cpp:186: undefined reference to `SQLAllocEnv@4'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxmswd.a(db.o)(.text+0x525): In function `ZN14wxDbConnectInf8FreeHenvEv':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/common/db.cpp:203: undefined reference to `SQLFreeEnv@4'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxmswd.a(db.o)(.text+0x17ec): In function `ZN4wxDb10initializeEv':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/common/db.cpp:534: undefined reference to `SQLAllocConnect@8'

I don't want to use a devpak. Can someone tell what did I do wrong ?

Thanks to all,

Marko Zuzic
Message2. Re: Dev-cpp & wxWindows configuration problems
Posted by: guidance 2003-08-26 06:23:55
Have you tried this?
Message3. Re: Dev-cpp & wxWindows configuration problems
Posted by: 2003-08-30 06:54:06
Hi Guidance,

Sorry for the late reply. I've tried what You suggested but no luck. Here are the results after compiling wxWindows, jpeg, zlib, tiff, png, regex in debug mode:

Compiler: Default compiler
Building Makefile: "C:Documents and SettingsMarkoMy"
Executing  make...
make.exe -f "C:Documents and SettingsMarkoMy" all
g++.exe ../gri.o  -o "GridProject.exe" -L"C:/wx241/lib" -L"C:/wx241/lib" -mwindows -lwxWindows -lwxzlib -lwxtiff -lwxjpeg -lwxpng -lstdc++ -lgcc -lodbc32 -lwsock32 -lwinspool -lwinmm -lshell32 -lcomctl32 -lctl3d32 -ladvapi32 -lopengl32 -lglu32 -lole32 -loleaut32 -luuid

C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngwrite.o)(.text+0x16fd): In function `png_write_flush':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngwrite.c:914: undefined reference to `deflate'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngwrite.o)(.text+0x193d): In function `png_write_destroy':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngwrite.c:1027: undefined reference to `deflateEnd'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngread.o)(.text+0x367): In function `png_create_read_struct_2':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngread.c:136: undefined reference to `inflateInit_'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngread.o)(.text+0x790): In function `png_read_init_3':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngread.c:276: undefined reference to `inflateInit_'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngread.o)(.text+0x15b3): In function `png_read_row':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngread.c:694: undefined reference to `inflate'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngread.o)(.text+0x2467): In function `png_read_destroy':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngread.c:1237: undefined reference to `inflateEnd'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(png.o)(.text+0x34e): In function `png_reset_crc':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/png.c:189: undefined reference to `crc32'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(png.o)(.text+0x3cb): In function `png_calculate_crc':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/png.c:215: undefined reference to `crc32'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(png.o)(.text+0x1017): In function `png_reset_zstream':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/png.c:735: undefined reference to `inflateReset'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngwutil.o)(.text+0x313): In function `png_text_compress':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngwutil.c:212: undefined reference to `deflate'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngwutil.o)(.text+0x4c3):C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngwutil.c:265: undefined reference to `deflate'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngwutil.o)(.text+0x7cf): In function `png_write_compressed_data_out':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngwutil.c:357: undefined reference to `deflateReset'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngwutil.o)(.text+0xe49): In function `png_write_IHDR':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngwutil.c:518: undefined reference to `deflateInit2_'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngwutil.o)(.text+0x34b8): In function `png_write_finish_row':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngwutil.c:1794: undefined reference to `deflate'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngwutil.o)(.text+0x35b1):C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngwutil.c:1822: undefined reference to `deflateReset'

C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngwutil.o)(.text+0x4cf4): In function `png_write_filtered_row':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngwutil.c:2631: undefined reference to `deflate'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngrutil.o)(.text+0x50a): In function `png_decompress_chunk':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngrutil.c:190: undefined reference to `inflate'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngrutil.o)(.text+0x56b):C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngrutil.c:197: undefined reference to `inflateReset'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngrutil.o)(.text+0x911):C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngrutil.c:300: undefined reference to `inflateReset'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngrutil.o)(.text+0x579e): In function `png_read_finish_row':
C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngrutil.c:2881: undefined reference to `inflate'
C:/wx241/lib/libwxpng.a(pngrutil.o)(.text+0x58bd):C:/wx241/src/msw/../../src/png/pngrutil.c:2910: undefined reference to `inflateReset'

make.exe: *** [GridProject.exe] Error 1

Execution terminated

This happends when I try to compile a small application I'm working on. Can You help me a little more ?

Many thanks,

Marko zuzic

P. S Do You need the code of my app ?
Message4. Re: Dev-cpp & wxWindows configuration problems
Posted by: guidance 2003-08-30 10:19:57
Have you already got or compiled needed libraries(jpeg,png etc.)? If not, try import its .dsp file and compile by yourself accordingly (with same compiler options).
Message5. Re: Dev-cpp & wxWindows configuration problems
Posted by: 2003-08-30 19:07:26
Hi Gudance,

The error messages in the previous post come out even I compiled zlib, jpeg, png, tiff etc. I noticed that there are errors only regarding png not the other libs.

I will try the procedure described by Rene' on
and see what happeneds. Hope to succeed because it is quite some time that I've been trying to setup the hole thing with no luck.


Marko Zuzic
Message6. Re: Dev-cpp & wxWindows configuration problems
Posted by: 2003-08-30 23:19:19
Hi Guidance,

 Tried Rene's recipie. No luck. Frustration is on its peak. I'm thinking in Beatles songs. Help, please sombody help etc.
Message7. Re: Dev-cpp & wxWindows configuration problems
Posted by: 2003-08-31 00:25:30
Hi again,

I completly forgot to tell that my app is compiled in notime with Dev-cpp 4.01 & wxWindows 2.4.1.. I wanted to switch to Dev-Cpp 5 because of the debuger.

Still seeking help.


Marko Zuzic
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