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Message1. Trouble compiling wxWindows
Posted by: fparks 2003-09-25 07:24:31
I have been following the instructions here:

The first problem I had was that make was being used from Borland.  I changed to the mingw32-make -f makefile.g95 FINAL=1.  I received the following message and I'm stuck.

It attempts to do the cp command cp ../../include/wx/msw/setup.h ../../lib/msw/wx/setup.h

and it comes back failed

make <e=2>: The system cannot find the file specified
mingw32-make: *** [../../lib/msw/wx/setup.h] Error 2

I modifed the file and did the copy up one level as specified in the instructions.

I am executing the mingw32-make from c:wx2srcmsw
Message2. Re: Trouble compiling wxWindows
Posted by: fparks 2003-09-25 07:36:23
Sorry, trying this 2.4.2
Message3. Re: Trouble compiling wxWindows 2.4.2
Posted by: fparks 2003-09-25 07:54:15
This is a case of read the previous posts.  I too didn't have the cygwinbin directory in my path
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