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Message1. optimizations for AMD  cpu`s inside Dev-C++ {for CPU test}
Posted by: 2003-11-29 22:38:37
 I am writing cpu test, and the results I am getting seems to be in favor of Intel P4 cpu`s at least most of the time, and I don`t believe that every time I accidently step on the intructions Itel likes better than AMD(I have several tests)
I use best optimization mode in compiler options for my Dev-C++ (
The thing I am interested in is what optimizations for what cpu`s this mode contains cause it seems to me that code is optimized mostly for Intel
cpu`s{or may be I am wrong and code is optimized in another level?}

However I would like to know how could I upgrade my Dev-C++ with some
patchs or special libraries so It could optimise my code both in favor to AMD or Intel cpu`a dependen`t of my choise..{the best would be if I had an otion inside the compiler to optimise code for Intel or for AMD}..

can anybody help with this?
Any advice would be very good..

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