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Message1. Making of "contrib" for MacOSX
Posted by: 2004-02-27 23:52:26
Hi everybody

I've got following problem:
I develop a project for Windows and Mac working normally with Microsoft Visual Studio. So I'm not toooo familiar with Macs or Unix... I haven't got any special developing software for the Mac like CodeWarrior.
On my Mac wxMac-2.4.2 is installed and working fine. Now I need the to include the XRC library, but I'm not able to build it :-(

That's what I've done so far:

cd contrib
mkdir build
cd build

This creates samples-, src- and utils-folder under contrib/build and the makefiles in the folders. There is no makefile in contrib/build itself so I go in src and try "make". Result:
Makefile:24: ../../../src/makelib.env No such file or directory
But if I go to wxMac/src/ there is a makelib.env?! So why isn't it found??

The wxMac itself was installed the same way I tried now for contrib: autoconf,build,configure,make and make install. In the wxMac/build/lib folder are several libs like:
libwx_mac_2.4.0.dylib but I'm not sure wheather they are fine.

At the end I want to include by APPEXTRALIBS to my project. Funny this compiles at the moment, but the programm doesn't start at all. So I'm afraid, there something wrong with that library. I've never worked with libraries outside Microsoft Windows so it's really hard for me to find information about that topic.

Hope somebody can give me some advice!!

Message2. Re: Making of "contrib" for MacOSX
Posted by: upCASE 2004-02-28 02:44:05
Too bad you don't have CodeWarrior I say :) No, just kidding :P
Basically with the Mac and Darwin this should be the same way as for any Unix box: configure, make, make install.
I confess that I'm using CW here, because I want to build both PPC and Carbon targets.
Check this link, looks rather complete to me:

If it was hard to write, it should be hard to read!- Do. Or do not. There is no try!
Message3. Re: Making of "contrib" for MacOSX
Posted by: 2004-03-02 22:41:17
Thanks for the link.
I reinstalled the wxWi.. and now it works (almost without errors)
And I have a better understanding now about configure, make and make install... ;-)

In fact we HAVE got CodeWarrior. But the demo version did not function and the poor support of that company wasn't able or willing to help us. So we decided not to bye that "fantastic" IDE.

Message4. Re: Making of "contrib" for MacOSX
Posted by: upCASE 2004-03-02 23:24:18
Well in fact CW is quite cool on the Mac. But I think if you just want to develop Carbon MachO apps, you'll be better off with the Apple stuff and Darwin :)
Glad it worked at last!

If it was hard to write, it should be hard to read!- Do. Or do not. There is no try!
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