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Message1. Black Background on XP?
Posted by: 2004-03-09 01:47:39
I keep running into this problems with wxWidgets when I try to use the manifest file on windows xp. All of my radio buttons have a black background behind them, so all you can see is the radio button, but you can't read the text. However, without the manifest file it looks fine. Is there anything I'm looking over that I should do? has anyone else run into this problem?
Message2. Re: Black Background on XP?
Posted by: 2004-03-09 01:52:31
There's a bug in this board.... I tried posting the attachemnt but I decided to edit my text, so I hit back (since there's no other way to edit the text) and I guess that somehow posted this message.

Anywho, just pay attention to the other topic, which has an attachment :)
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