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Message1. simple wxWidgets app won't compile
Posted by: 2004-03-24 09:51:55
I downloaded Dev-C++ 5 beta and installed it the default way.  I then downloaded wxWidgets 2.4.2 and imagelib devpacks.  I then Installed both imagelib and wxWidgets2.4.2 in order, no errors installing it.  I thne started a new wxWidgets project in Dev-C++ and tried to compile the file without making anychnages to anything.  Dev-C++ attempts to compile the project but does this instead

Compiler: Default compiler
Building Makefile: "C:\Documents and Settings\Xerxes\My Documents\testing\"
Executing  make...
make.exe -f "C:\Documents and Settings\Xerxes\My Documents\testing\" all
Execution terminated

I get no errors but it wont compile.  I think it has something to do with the Compile options, but I dont know what to change inorder to make it work.  Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

Message2. Re: simple wxWidgets app won't compile
Posted by: 2004-03-24 18:23:38
Did you you specify what kind of file to generate (win-exe, exe, dll, etc etc)
Message3. Re: simple wxWidgets app won't compile
Posted by: upCASE 2004-03-24 21:56:26
Try using mingw32-make.exe instead of make.exe. Change it in your "tools" settings. To me this looks like make.exe isn't found (which by the way is not an error). It was renamed to minwg32-make.exe due to some problems with MSYS (I think).
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