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Message1. my wxdialog designer update ( pls read  if you use dev-cpp )
Posted by: 2004-05-29 14:36:52
(reposted from wx-user list)

Hello all,

I'm kinda abandoned my work on wxDialog Designer program. But all the lessons learnt from it, are completely transferred to another project similar to it. Since most of the people are using dev-cpp, I thought it will be good idea to make the designer work with dev-cpp.

I modified the dev-cpp source to add my designer support to it. The program still uses absolute positioning system, but I'm going to add support for the sizers in the next release. I got some vague idea from the VisualWx designer. My Designer will also have the same design (with absolute and sizer support) as of VisualWx.

As a part of dev-cpp, we get Code-Complete, Class browser, integrated help system etc feature readily available with this program.

Since My school changed the policy of not giving telnet and ftp account to alumni, I'm not able to provide a http download.

Please download the source and executables from

It has lot of bugs. I’ll be fixing the issues in the coming days.
Following are some notable issues:

1) No separate installer. You have to install Dev-cpp and replace the dev-cpp executable. ( ).
2) Program crashes when closing the program.

3) Renaming of a Form Class wont rename the Constructors.
4)Generated code is compatible with 2.5.1 alone.
(If you know what to add in the pre-processor for distinguishing 2.4.2 and 2.5.1 library, please let me know)
5)No support for Sizers.
6)Lot of unfinished advanced properties (most of the basic properties like caption , title, Window Options, Size, Co-ordinates will work).

Guru Kathiresan
Message2. Re: my wxdialog designer update ( pls read  if you use dev-cpp )
Posted by: Kathiresan 2004-06-02 18:40:25
I have uploaded the updated source and executable to

i have also included couple of readme file for  using the devcpp with wxwidgets and for compiling the source code.

-Guru Kathiresan
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