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Message1. strange memory problems on quitting
Posted by: 2004-05-26 04:33:18
Hi all :)

I don't understand nothing : sometimes when I quit my basic wxWidgets app, it exits with a memory error! On windows and linux, it's the same (with the same source of course).

Sometimes if I add a new control in my interface, I have this problem, if I remove it, no problem. I tried to make a clean exit by making an "onclose" event and a Destroy() call in it, but it doesn't change anything, the same problem appears sometimes.

What do I do wrong? Any idea? Is there a special way to quit wxWidgets app ? Any particular cleanup code to put somewhere? I thougt every graphical control is deleted automatically by wxWidgets and the coder just have to delete its own non visual pointers.

Thanks for any answer.
Message2. Re: strange memory problems on quitting
Posted by: upCASE 2004-05-26 15:00:40
True, normally the pointers should be deleted automatically.
Could you tell us what version of gcc/wxWidgets you're using and maybe post a little code snippet that causes a problem like you described it?
Have you tried debbuging the app to see what causes the error?
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Message3. Re: strange memory problems on quitting
Posted by: 2004-05-27 05:13:13
The problem occurs at random operations, for example here's my code by now:

in the frame constructor, at the end, we have this :
config = new wxFileConfig("", "", "dexianet.conf", "", wxCONFIG_USE_LOCAL_FILE |
   notebook = new wxNotebook((wxWindow*)this, -1);
   TabGeneral *general_tab = new TabGeneral((wxWindow*)notebook, config);
   notebook->AddPage(general_tab, _T("General"), true);
   TabConfigure *configure_tab = new TabConfigure((wxWindow*)notebook, config);
   notebook->AddPage(configure_tab, _T("Configure"));

I have defined a onclose event:

and the function:
void MainWindow::OnClose(wxCloseEvent &e)
   if (config != NULL) delete config;

If I remove the config class, it works. If I remove the destructor, all work well, the config file (used later in the code work very well), but when I quit the application... baaaaaangs memory error --> crash. :/

Here it's with a wxFileConfig object, but it occured sometimes with objects as simple as wxButton!! It I commented the objected declaration, it worked...

In the past I defined destructors of all my class, just in case. But they were empty. I thought the error came from there, and I removed all my destructors. It worked... until I added this new wxFileConfig in my program...

Thanks for any help.
Message4. Re: strange memory problems on quitting
Posted by: 2004-05-27 05:16:07
I must say that "config" is of course properly declared (as a wxFileConfig pointer) in the private scope of my frame class.

Thanks again.
Message5. Re: strange memory problems on quitting
Posted by: 2004-06-02 18:41:06
I've got the same kind of problem:

I've got a wxFrame which contains a wxScrolledWindow

I can't quit (it freezes) and its behavior is somewhat bizzare.

But if I remove the wxScrolledWindow, everything works fine.

Any ideas? (I tried several methods to destroy the scrollwnd on exit)

Message6. Re: strange memory problems on quitting
Posted by: 2004-06-15 04:43:07
Euh... my program works now... The only thing I changed is remove some ";" I wrote after some macro declaration (that's a mistake I know but the GCC compiler never complained about this, under windows neither under linux). I also put the DECLARE_EVENT_TABLE() at the end of the classes, not within a dedicated protected block, like I did before.

I don't know why now it works but it works... Is it possible that these little mistakes made my program crash before I corrected it???

Thanks :)
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