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Message1. Layout problem
Posted by: 2004-08-29 20:56:38
i'm trying to port an existing db-based application on c++/firebird with wxWidgets this is only a prototype; now the app is developed in 4D, a tool similar to Filemaker (very fast development).

UI is not very standard but i can't change them; there is a window with big buttons. Pressing on a button the user can view record listing and another little button menu (insert, delete, print...). All the interface is developed into a single window with very few modal popups.

With wx i've written the main menu, a frame with a gridSizer (named griglia) who contains buttons. Clicking on a button i want delete or also hide "griglia" and work into the main frame "clean".

the code

delete griglia;

causes a segfault.

i can't find any Show() method for class wxGridSizer.

Maybe anyone can help me on best method to write this prototype. Thank u and sorry for my english.
Message2. Re: Layout problem
Posted by: 2004-09-01 20:34:46
Try the wxFlexGridSizer, because Show() method works only on wxFlexGridSizer and wxBoxSizer.
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