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Message1. problem with my installation procedure??
Posted by: hailang_82 2004-09-10 11:55:52
1)Download and install Dev-cpp
2) Download and install Dev-cpp
3)Download and install Dev-cpp
4)Download and install Dev-cpp without mingw.
5)install imagelib-2
6)Download GCC 3.3.1 from
7) Download MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe and gdb-5.2.1-1exe from
8) Download and install the upCase's wxwidgets dev-cpp packs from
9) Download wxWidgets 2.5.2. unpack and put them in C:\Dev-Cpp. And also to compile it. First qns is.. Can you compile twice? The first time.. makefile.gcc can work.. but not the second time... I read it from somewhere that I need to clean some object files.. but the instructions are not so clear..

From the to update MingGW..
I have to completely delete everything from
Dev-Cpp/mingw     => I only have mingw32 after doing the 4th step. Is it the same?
Do I have to delete the mingw32 since mingw does not exists? WHat is the difference?
Is it abit drastic to delete everything? Cos I cannot seems to run program after installing MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe and gdb-5.2.1-1exe.

I install MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe and gdb-5.2.1-1exe in Dev-Cpp directory. So the programs are residing in Dev-Cpp/mingw. Inside this /mingw.. there contains mingw and mingw32. the dev-Cpp/mingw/mingw is similar to the dev-cpp in terms of number and name of files.

After installing the both programs.. shld I unzip the GCC 3.3.1-core and gcc-G++3.3.1 to Dev-Cpp/  as stated in one of the threads in this forum  or Dev-Cpp/mingw as stated in
In my case... since Dev-Cpp/lib... /include... and /bin is empty... i put at Dev-Cpp/ and Dev-Cpp/mingw/ ..

The path that i intially set is C:/Dev-Cpp/bin... from the sourceforge.. i shld set it to C:/Dev-Cpp/mingw/bin.. So wat shld the path be?

 Then wat shld I do to the that shld be download from which I should extract cp.exe and rm.exe from the zip file to the bin-directory of mingw compiler?? => Advice from wxWindows Manual.
Should I follow it??

All my questions lead to more questions. Got any standard procedure to follow? I can do everything again from step 1 to 9. Just not clear abt installing of MingGW=3.1.0-1.exe and gdb-5.2.1-1exe.

I am gg crazy soon!!! I am not very greedy. I just want to solve the
[linker error]undefined reference to 'vtable for MyFrame". The program can be run in Kdevelop using wxWidgets 2.4.2. But it can't seems to run on wxWidgets 2.5.2. Can anyone help me?

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