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Message1. wxWidgets into another application
Posted by: Stephanie 2005-03-23 16:07:33

I'm working on an existing application with its own system of windows. (It is developed in C++ on Visual Net 2003.) This application already has menus, buttons, windows ...
I'd like to integrate a wxWidgets window when I click on a menu option of my application, without rewriting all my application with wxWidgets.

I have derived a class from wxApp, implemented it with IMPLEMENT_APP_NO_MAIN, then called wxEntry (...) in my existing WinMain.
My wxApp creates and displays a simple wxFrame.

My problem is that I cannot display a window from my application and show my wxFrame at the same time. If I launch my application first then the MyWxFrame->Show() crashes. If I display MyWxFrame with the Show method first, it works, but then I cannot open my application window anymore ("Cannot initialize OLE").

Do you have a solution for me ?
Thank you !
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