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Message1. wxThread how does it work ?
Posted by: 2005-04-08 04:46:18
Hello all

(sorry if my english isnt very well)
My question is: how does the wxThread class work ?
I made a own thread class called MyThread delivered
from wxThread.
I also declaired the methodes Entry()
and OnExit.

I start my thread with Create(...)
and Run()
but when i try to stop the thread my application freezes.
Did i miss something ? Did i misunderstood something ?

thanks martin
Message2. Re: wxThread how does it work ?
Posted by: guidance 2005-04-08 09:01:49
Have you viewed the help document?

and confirm your library is MT enabled.
Message3. Re: wxThread how does it work ?
Posted by: 2005-04-09 06:59:21

yes i have already readed this page.
But without success. I have the same problem.

I cant call the Delete methode cause my app freezes
after that.

In the docus it says: "if the thread code is well written"
anyone has a sample how a well written code looks like ?

where can i see if MT enabled ?

thanks martin
Message4. Re: wxThread how does it work ?
Posted by: sjoyous 2005-10-05 14:38:18
before delete thread u have to call TestDestroy() function of the wxThread class. just try it i think your problem will be solved after this.
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