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Message1. Announcing Zephyr Automated Test Runner 1.0.4
Posted by: 2005-05-11 02:10:08
Announcing Zephyr Automated Test Runner 1.0.4

Zephyr Automated Test Runner v1.0.4

This update includes:
*An updated linux version to current source tree.
*Fixed SendKeys action on Windows
*Fixed paths for non-english versions of windows.
*Fully functional demo

Zephyr is an automated functional and regression testing tool. It will test any application, written in any language, that has a GUI interface. Zephyr takes the place of a user: Pointing, clicking and entering text.

Demo movie and download available at:

- There is no need to know programming or learn a scripting language to use Zephyr.
- It's simple to build tests using Zephyr's intuitive drag and drop interface.
- Each test case and action is easily copied or moved with the click of a mouse to allow for maximum reusability.
- Zephyr is fully automated to give you maximum test coverage.
- Functional and regression tests run hundreds of times faster than testing manually.
- Zephyr records memory usage when running each test action. This allows test engineers to identify memory leaks as they occur.
- Using Zephyr reduces human error normally associated with manual testing.

System Requirements:
- Linux : GTK+ 2 or higher
- Windows : 2000, XP

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