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Message1. widget Creation question
Posted by: daesdemon 2005-05-13 20:39:10
Hello to the community.

I am completely newb in wxWidgets.

I would like to use it to make an application with 3D Engine Ogre.

So my first work would be to create a widget which could be able to display the ouput of the 3D Engine.

I can send to Ogre3D the external Window Handle that i want to create its renderWindow.

I would like to know everything which could be important to know to envisage this kind of widgets.
Do i have to take as example GlCanvas ( registerClass..., buffering ) or can i make something relativly simple.

I tried already to make a wxControl derived Class and to send GetHandle To Ogre; it compiles but i see nothing in the widget.

Thx for support.
Message2. Re: widget Creation question
Posted by: daesdemon 2005-05-14 00:30:02
Its ok, i finally succeeded in integrating an OgreRender Window in wxWidgets.

I only subclass a wxControl, send the GetHandle to Ogre, and  connect OnSize Handler to translate the RenderWindow Size to Ogre.

I also create a Timer To update the RenderWindow autmaticly.

see you soon ;)
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