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Message1. Internationalization , Unicode... with WxWidgets
Posted by: 2005-06-10 07:03:08
Hi !

I would like to translate a GUI, currently in English into Arabic. The problem that I see is that all strings a currently enclosed in wxT(). For internationalization, gettext needs strings to be called by the _() macro. So, how do I convert that software into an internationalizable software? Do I keep the wxT() and simply follow the regular process of using gettext, do I need to replace wxT() by _(), or do I need to stack them (something like wxT(_()) ) ??

So, if anybody has some experience in internationalization with non-latin characters sets with wxwidgets, I would love to have some advices...

PS: It will be targeted for Windows first. Since I don't know how i18n works with Windows and since I have no idea how we are supposed to handle non-latin characters, expect a high "moron factor" from me about it !
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