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Message1. OpenGL running in RQ, only textures won't load...
Posted by: 2002-12-04 19:36:13
After a long while of fiddling around with RapidQ, I finally have a basic OpenGL engine running.

The only quirk, though, is that I can't load a TGA or BMP file as an OpenGL texture, because it would have to be a user-defined type, and so I'm not able to pass it as a return data type for a texture-loading function.

I'd appreciate ANY help, as this is the absolute last obstacle I need to pass, and I really want to have full OpenGL support in RapidQ. Can anyone please suggest a method, and maybe post a bit of code to help me get my loaded texture into OpenGL?
My texture-loading function loads the texture, but it can't return it :-(.
Message2. VarPtr
Posted by: guidance 2002-12-04 20:15:17
Have you tried VARPTR ? Or, even QMemoryStream to pass/receive address to/from your DLL?
Message3. Re: VarPtr
Posted by: 2002-12-04 21:38:29
If you post the original code and explain in full what it is you want
passing (i.e an address, a pointer or whatever) I will look at it.


Message4. Re: VarPtr
Posted by: 2002-12-07 12:25:42
Hi again,

I managed to load the texture by hard-coding the texture generation in a DLL.

Thank you very much for lending a helping hand, I think I may return here
for discussion as this is the most active RapidQ forum I've come across.
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